The Battle of the Nations is a world championship of historical medieval battles, organized by HMBIA. The first edition in 2009 was attended by four countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Today about forty national teams take part from all over the world with over 600 armored men and women.

It's not a stage reenactment battle. National teams compete in several standard categories where the victory is determined by the knockdown of opponents. The sporting relationship between the fighters remains quite friendly, but the clashes are very hard and almost all shots and fighting techniques are allowed. It is not uncommon to see ambulances and doctors give aid to the participants.

For the 10th anniversary in 2019, HMBIA organized the 150vs150 battle, where alliances of teams from the 30vs30 category fought in the largest mass battle show ever. The Russian national team was the absolute winner of the 2019 edition.

2024 © Alessandro D’Angelo
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